About Me

I am an independent photographer who has had years of experience. I started my schooling and soon developed my love for capturing natural moments and surroundings. I later decided to opt for a course of Fine Arts in Rennes. Due to my efforts and passion for the art of photography, I am graduated with flying colors.

After working on a few small projects decided to carry on my studies. This is when I thought about brushing up my skills as a photographer. For this, I also went to the School of Photography Arles. After this, I started back by working in an agency called Picturetank.

About me

Here I use to carry portraits and reports for the press. It has been a long part of my professional journey and has helped me develop as a skillful individual. Till the age of 29, I stayed in Poznan Poland and got inspired to write a novel.

This is where my first novel idea came from, which was called the Second Portrait of Irena. After the initial journey as an author, I have written many novels ever since. For now, I live and work in Nantes.